From Board To Fridge: Upcycle Spare Scrabble Tiles to Magnetic Poetry

I used to have two sets of scrabble, both were from my Tita.

Playing the game has been our family bonding, especially the young ones. We keep score and place bets (Yes, we are serious). A round usually takes an hour or two, and the adults are patiently waiting for the declaration of the loser – the unlucky player who’ll buy everyone meryenda.

Oh, the good old days! Sigh.

So, as I was saying, I had two sets of scrabble. But sadly, both boards were soaked with floodwater. Only some of the tiles were saved. It’s a pity to just throw them, so I decided to reuse them.

 The Not-So-Original Project

The idea of the words-on-fridge-door came from  the 2014 film  “What If” scene. Basically, the concept is to create a piece of “poetry” from the words.  Free verse.

What If (2014)

I wasn’t aware of the brand Magnetic Poetry when I watched the movie, not until a couple of years later. The brand offers kits based on different interests. From classic literature to hit TV series, they even have a kit named after Taylor Swift.

But enough with their kits. With a few pieces of magnets, a small tube of multipurpose glue, and some homeless scrabble tiles; we can create our own kit. It’s easy (I’m not crafty myself) and it costs next to nothing.

No Rocket Science

No need for complicated instructions, all you have to do is glue the magnet on the rear side of the tile. Though, there are just some notes you would want to know:

Magnets and Multipurpose Glue –

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Make sure that they have the right dimensions for the tiles. Not too thick to prevent the tiles from having a floating-look ;not too big so that they won’t show
around the edges. Same reasons why you would want to use a multipurpose glue instead of a glue stick.

If you’re not familiar with magnet sizes, you can bring a sample tile for reference  when you go to the store.

Tiles –

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetIt actually depends on how you want your magnetic poetry to turn out. You can paint the tiles to give a more vibrant look. In my case, I find it convenient that the tiles left are in uniform size and style because I want the final product to be simple and clutter-free.

If you’re using plastic scrabble tiles, check the rear side (where you will stick the magnet) for excess parts. If there’s any, scrape them flat with a cutter. That will make the bond stronger.


Words and Letters –

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

You have two options:

  1. You can leave the tiles as they are, and put a magnet individually.
  2. Or, you might want to glue letters together to form words.

To make your kit more personal, you may plan the words ahead. It can be based on your favorite novel; or have a thematic concept such as moods, expressions, travel and whatnot.

But if you want more freedom in forming words when you are actually using the magnetic poetry, and leave the idea to when it spur; then you can choose the first option.

Don’t forget to sort the letters so you wouldn’t waste your time looking for them.

When everything is ready, you can now do the ever so easy of a task – stick that magnet to the tile!


If you have additional tips or projects like this to share, please leave them in the comment box. Happy crafting!




8 thoughts on “From Board To Fridge: Upcycle Spare Scrabble Tiles to Magnetic Poetry

      1. M.Gin says:

        Sure! That’d take a long time, though. But I already have plans for it during my birthday this June. 🙂 Hahah. Still too many months to prepare.


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