Perhaps, Perhaps.

How can one escape from loneliness
Or justify its very existence
When all we got are clouded thoughts
Prompted by ill-disguised demons?

Perhaps one could just sleep it all away,
Let the fairies do their play.
Hope that when tomorrow comes
Gone are the deafening hums.

How can one ever live in grace
When our minds never rest;
And every minute is a tragic dream
Like in which you can hardly scream?

Perhaps one should just stop breathing
To savor the last scrape of feeling
Because (perhaps) loneliness is not a curse
But a lost language of the universe.


5 thoughts on “Perhaps, Perhaps.

  1. Ravindra More says:

    Yes… Loneliness is a language which can be understood only by the one who is lonely.But in loneliness still one is not lonely because of the thoughts that are continuously running through mind. It’s just an outcome of negative effects of bad experiences
    Exquisitely written.. Ma’am 😇👍👌

    Liked by 1 person

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