Blue Silhouettes

Known for being the first indoor ocean park in the country, Manila Oceanpark stepped up the game through the expansion of their attractions and encounters.Visitors could now choose from on-lookers experience through the famous Oceanarium, Bird and Reptiles Museum, Jellies Exhibit; to interactive encounters such as Sea Lion Show, Aquanaut Voyage and Mermaid Experience.

To give a whole new experience, every section is built in a way that would showcase the attraction it represents. It is amusing to see the diversity of ambiance and color but  one can’t help to be fascinated by the under-the-sea illusion the oceanarium gives – which I tried to capture during our visit last November.

Here are some of the photos:


One of the fish tanks
My nephew’s silhouette  shot.
Jellies Exhibit – the most visually-satisfying section.
My dear father. 
Man-made corals in small fish tanks
Say “fish”



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