Things To Avoid Doing To A Friend With Poor Eyesight

I started wearing eyeglasses when I was thirteen, but the symptoms actually showed up when I was in 4th grade. It was all my doing. I would sit on the coffee table, my face just a foot away from the TV set, and watch for hours. I first noticed my poor vision when I started to struggle reading what’s on the blackboard, it was hard to take down notes. My mother was in denial and allowed me to wear eyeglasses only when I almost begged for it.

A decade later, my eyesight didn’t get any better. Along with so many downsides of it are my observations on how other people act around me. Some are trivial but can be bothersome when done repeatedly.

I’m sure you know someone who wears prescription eyewear. This list might be helpful if you want to chop the chance of annoying them.

Can you pass my eyeglasses back, please?
It‘s usually fine with me when friends want to try on my eyeglasses because I understand that sometimes people want to see if wearing specs would suit them, or just want to experience a brief moment of dizziness. I get it so I always oblige. A few seconds of blurry vision is no big deal.

The annoying part is when suddenly everybody wants to try them.
My eyeglasses already touched all of our faces before I knew it. Imagine the sweat, dirt, and whatnot mixed up in a thing I put on my face all day. So, please don’t.

Stop making me count your fingers
To set things straight, most people with poor eyesight can still see you, and your fingers. Our vision is like a defocused camera lens, we can see the subject, but we cannot produce sharp images of it. If we apply that to your wobbly-fingers test, taken at a considerable distance, we most probably can see them, although not the chicken skin on the bases.

So unless you don’t believe that I know basic math despite my nearsighted eyes, don’t make me count your fingers.

Staring contest while putting on contact lenses
As much as I want your attention, and look at your eyes when we talk while I put on my contact lenses, I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you doing your part — staring at me, but it makes me uncomfortable. Especially when I know that you are only interested because I poke my eyes. Sure, you’re curious so here I’ll put in writing the answers to the questions you keep asking me.

No, it doesn’t hurt. And no, I cannot sleep while I have it on. As to why I wear it: 1. Sometimes it’s more convenient than specs 2. To avoid questions about wearing specs which resulted to another set of questions such as this.

Calling me names
You don’t need to impress me with your expertise on stereotypical characters. I know most of them are smart and nerdy, if not, awkward and shy. None of those is offensive, but, come on, it’s neither flattering to be preconceived as someone I am not.

Saying that specs are just for fashion
Once my mother’s friend handed me a pair of eyeglasses. I tested them as he asked me, then told him that they didn’t match with my prescription. At first, I thought he was trying to help, but it turned out that the eyeglasses are non prescription, and that he was just testing me if I really have a poor eyesight. The whole thing was to confirm his theory that I am faking it.

I wish he told me why would a kid want to wear specs. They are not cool back then. Even today, not everyone can pull off a glamorous look.

Jokes about being blind
Hey, friend. Really? You don’t have to drop that bomb like I don’t have nightmares about it. First, it’s not funny- never gonna be funny. Second, it’s terrible.


So far, I’ve never snapped at someone for the things above. Perhaps, I’ll just take my glasses off and pretend I don’t see them when that time comes. So that’s it for now. Regards to your bespectacled friend. Thanks.

— — —

Do you have something to add? Hit comment. 🙂


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