Photo Essay: EDSA People Power Revolution

In February 25, 1986, the Philippines was liberated  from the two-decade Ferdinand Marcos authoritarian regime through a bloodless revolution, Edsa People Power. In commemoration of the said event’s 31st anniversary, here is a photo essay which will remind us of why the revolution had to take place.

(The photos were taken at Edsa@30 experiential museum last year where the organizers’ used dramatization and other art disciplines to demonstrate the events during Marcos’ marshal law implementation, and how it lead to a people power revolution.)

Actors played as activists who went either missing or imprisoned.
A young actress as a political prisoner’s kid looking for her missing parent.
A satirical drama on how Filipinos were tortured under the hands of the military.


An actor showed how the tyranny did not exempt the indigenous people

All of these happened while the Marcos family and other higher-ups were having a lavish lifestyle
People demonstrations back then were immediately dispersed, however, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s assassination led to a  larger civil resistance and resulted to the EDSA People Power revolution which involved over two million Filipinos.
In 1986, the Philippines fought for the freedom that its citizens today enjoy. As a reminder of the historical event, a People Power monument was built along Edsa.

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