Happiness, Work, and a Pair of Shoes

After working for weeks, our girl was able to save up enough money for the shoes she has been eyeing. Right after shift one afternoon, she went to the mall, straight to the aisle that has become too familiar. She picked the shoes up, asked for her size, and queued up for the cashier.

Our girl went out of the store, smiling from ear to ear. She was so happy that if this story is musical, she would have been singing.

She woke up excited to go to work the next day. As expected, her co-workers noticed her new shoes and asked about it. Our girl, of course, happily obliged and told them how much she worked for it.

That went on for a few days, at the salon, grocery store, parties — practically wherever our girl was. Her heart was brimming with happiness. She almost forgot the days she stayed late working and the meals she missed.

She was in good spirits, which lasted for almost a week until she saw a pair of newer, better shoes displayed on the cabinets in her beloved aisle.

Now, she can’t wait to suffer for a new pair of shoes again.


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