after hours: the blog

“If you’re doing something else, and you want this thing you love, do it after hours.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

While we all have commitments and responsibilities, it is still fun to do what we really love. To me, that thing is storytelling – the whole point of this blog.

After hours is a little place where I share stories and contents – through words and images – outside the four corners of my day job. This is an attempt to pursue a creative way of documenting life.

And since this venue is created to follow one’s passion for content creation, everything you see here reflects my thoughts transcribed in the sincerest way I could.

Look  around the blog, I hope you find something here worthy of your time.

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Well, hello!

I’m Trixie. As an advertising research associate, it is part of my job to consume content about almost every industry. But my hunger for information continues outside work as I consistently look for new stories in various fields, which include but not limited to: literature, films, music, philosophy, technology, travel and marketing.

When I am not devouring other people’s creative works, I am actually doing mine — mostly (although hardly creative) through scribbling thoughts and snapping images.

Should you enjoy my sample works here, feel free to contact me for freelance writing, photo shoot, layout and editing gigs. (trixiecbautistaatgmaildotcom or thru one of my social media links below)